7 best spots in Japan for stargazing

Don’t you adore immersing yourself in daydreaming about the possibilities of the unknown while peering at the constellations on a flawless night? Or are you an observer using a powerful telescope to search for particular celestial bodies in the nighttime sky? Many passionate astronomers in Japan like unwinding in a peaceful spot outside city life at night with their favorite drink, binoculars, a telescope, and a comfy chair. You’ll have companions while stargazing, particularly on evenings when asteroid showers occur or other astronomical events, such as lunar eclipses. What places in Japan are the finest for observing the stars? Let’s consider the 7 best spots below!

1.Kozushima (Tokyo)

You may need to know that Tokyo contains a park specifically intended to preserve the night sky. Kozushima is still an autonomous region of Tokyo Metropolitan, even if it appears remote from the primary metropolis. It is a little island just 180 kilometers south of Tokyo and is reachable by boat or light aircraft. 

Tokyo residents interested in experiencing sandy shores and the night sky full of stars without traveling to Okinawa have an excellent option in this area because of its closeness to Tokyo. Kozushima features a lot of dedicated viewing regions and observation platforms for witnessing the stars. 

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2.Koiwai Farm (Iwate)

The Koiwai Farm in Iwate is an appreciated vacation spot for families and anybody who enjoys spending time in ecosystems surrounded by undulating lush hills and unending skies. You may go on a snowshoe trekking trip during the winter, and this also is the most incredible season for sightseeing for the most noticeable night skies. On clear evenings, the Milky Way may be viewed from here due to its rural situation without any major cities close by and its altitude of up to 730 meters. 

3.Lake Mashu (Hokkaido)

One of the globe’s purest lakes, Lake Mashu, is also Japan’s most picturesque lake. The view and the stargazing are breathtaking. The lake is accessible through dedicated stargazing cruises that depart from adjacent towns. You can drive right up to three viewing platforms surrounding the lake.  

4.Iriomote Ishigaki National Park (Okinawa)

Unquestionably, Japan’s first International Dark Sky Park is an ideal location for observing the night sky there. The park’s size allows for a variety of observing sites. The Ishigaki Observatory is located on the most straightforward access of all those islands, Ishigaki. But Iriomote Island, Taketomi Island, and five more tiny islands exist in this region for those who choose to detour from the usual route. There are many places to observe the stars because they are all within the boundaries of the certified Dark Sky Park.

5.Nobeyama Highland (Nagano)

There are cutting-edge tools for sky observation at Nobeyama Highland, with a 45-meter radio telescope. The sky may be witnessed without much obstruction at a height of 1,350 meters, and different cosmological topics, such as galactic radio waves, have been studied here. If you are fascinated with celestial instruments, you can tour some observatories throughout the day. 

From the Hirakawa Pass parking area, you may enjoy some fantastic astronomical views. It is a place with broad fields and no woodlands, providing you with an uninterrupted panorama of the whole sky and many things you can observe with your naked eye. 

6.Bisei Astronomical Observatory (Okayama)

A village in southern Okayama province named Bisei is Japan’s latest addition to the locations with starry nights list. The moniker of this city, which translates to “town of magnificent stars,” was recognized as the initial global “Dark Sky city” in Asia. The Bisei Astronomical Observatory, a learning and research center on the summit of a mountain, is undoubtedly the most suitable location in Bisei for astronomy. 

Astronomers can continue their exploration of the night sky after leaving the observatory by visiting the Bisei SpaceGuard Station and Hoshizora Park, commonly known as the “star-watching park,” for even more breathtaking vistas.

7.Seiwakogen Observatory (Kumamoto)

A Newton telescope is housed at a space observatory 700 meters above ground, providing an excellent 360-degree panorama of the entire sky. The evenings are gloomy, and the breeze is clear because the place is remote from urbanization. The observatory’s proximity to 10 hotels where guests can spend their nights makes it unique. Consequently, you won’t have to be concerned about departing throughout the night to have several possibilities to see the constellations through a high-quality telescope.

The 7 locations listed above will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable evening of stargazing if you happen to be in Japan and want to experience a few of the most stunning celestial heavens in the region. 


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