Things To Know About Clitoral Stimulation And Sexual Intercourse

Clitoral sex can make your female partner go crazy when done rightly. The clitoris comprises over 8000 nerves and is often regarded as the powerhouse of erotic sensation in women. If you never had the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris of your partner, hiring an escort is the best option. With professional escorts, you can understand the true meaning of clitoral stimulation in sexual intercourse. 

Things to Know About the Clitoris and Its Role in Sexual Ecstasy

The clitoris is a tiny nub located at the vulva’s top. As the clitoris is an internal and external structure, stimulating it would result in orgasmic sex. Even though the clitoris is an erogenous zone, you cannot treat it like a magic button. 

You cannot stroke it and expect the escort to moan in pleasure. For ideal clitoral stimulation, you must communicate your preferences to the escorts. Any professional and experienced escort will help you explore the ins and outs of clitoral sex. 

The easiest way to find the clitoris is by asking the escort to place your fingers on it. Often referred to as the gateway to female pleasure, the clitoris plays a significant role in enhancing your sexual experience. 

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Suck and Nibble 

To get a better idea of the clit, you can suck and nibble it. However, escorts can have certain types of reservations when you suck their clitoris. So, it is better to ask their preferences while indulging in clitoral stimulation. 

Usually, professional escorts will guide you through the entire process of clitoral sex. They will direct you to know the basics of clitoral stimulation. However, always hire escorts from ListCrawler to ensure that the call girl helps you realize your kinks. 

Drawing Circles on the Clit – Things to Know 

Drawing circles just on the clit’s surface will arouse your partner. You can use your tongue and fingers to draw circles. While using your tongue, ensure that you exert some pressure on the escort’s clitoris. This will help you stimulate her fully. 

The Subtle Art of Hinting 

While you are drawing circles, try hinting. During hinting, you must focus on the area near the escort’s clitoris. Undoubtedly, it is a high-voltage move that will drive the escort crazy. To bring your partner to climax, maintain a steady and uniform stroke. 

The Clitoris Helps Address Orgasm Gap 

Most studies show that there is a significant orgasm gap between men and women. This discrepancy can be attributed to the ignorance of men towards the clitoris. Hiring a professional escort and exploring the basics of clitoral stimulation will help you satiate your partner. By prioritizing clitoral sex and identifying its role in female sexual satisfaction, you can address the orgasm gap.

The Introduction of Sex Toys and Clitoral Stimulation 

You can never rule out sex toys even when enjoying with escorts. Most escorts prefer to satisfy their clients with vibrators and other innovative toys. But you can use vibration to stimulate the clitoris of the escort. Most vibrators come with various types of pulsation patterns. 

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Therefore, instead of just rubbing the clit, you can introduce a gentle pulsation to your movements. Escorts hired from ListCrawler can teach you a thing or two about the effective use of vibrators in clitoral sex. 

Massaging the Clitoris with Your Penis 

If you are already erect, try using your penis to rub the escort’s clit. But to do that, you must be in an ideal position. The recommended position is to lie side-by-side facing each other. You can also be on your knees to effectively massage the tip of the penis on her clit. It can be an effective way to arouse a voluptuous escort. 

The Role of Lubes 

If you think that lubes are only suitable for anal sex, you are wrong. Nowadays, you can shop from a wide variety of lubes and arousal oils that can bring a tingling sensation to the escort’s clitoris. If you are facing any type of discomfort while using the lube, consulting the escort can help. They are usually experienced in using various types of lubes. 

Clitoral stimulation can provide your sex life with a new dimension. Moreover, it is always an ecstatic feeling to see your partner reach a climax. To learn the intricacies of clitoral sex, hire professional escorts from Ladys.One. It is the best platform to hire voluptuous and experienced escorts with flexible pricing. 


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