Electronic Arts Primed for a Sale

Electronic Arts Primed for a Sale

The big news in the gaming world today is whether EA is going to be sold off to another company and who is going to buy it. Right now, there are several buyers prepared to jump on the EA sale, if it does happen.

Is EA the Next Major Sale?

Electronic Arts is just the latest in a long line of massive gaming company sales that have been happening lately. It was just recently that we saw Activision Blizzard sold off to Microsoft. That Sony was buying Bungie. In fact, the news broke just shortly after the Microsoft deal got out. It looked like Sony was trying to play catch up and not be left in the dust.

Now, it looks like Electronic Arts doesn’t want to be left behind either. The company has struggled in recent years, with major franchises like Tony Hawk and Medal of Honor not bringing in the kind of money they used to. Electronic Arts still has a lot to offer, though, including Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, The Sims, and Need for Speed. All of these franchises tend to move millions of units when they release, although Battlefield has had notoriously rocky launches recently.

For those on the eastern side of the world, Electronic Arts is a huge force a gaming industry and not to be confused with EA Software, which is a relatively new Asian developer known mostly for online gaming and สล็อตเว็บตรง

Who Wants to Buy?

Get Electronic Arts goes up for sale, who is going to buy it? Right now, it looks like Apple is poised to be the first bidder. Electronic Arts is in active talks to find a buyer, according to news reports. to Disney, from what we can tell, but Disney doesn’t seem to be as interested in the purchase as Electronic Arts is.

Apple is currently in talks with Electronic Arts, but right now these talks seem to be in the preliminary stages. No hard numbers have been thrown out yet, at least as far as the news have picked up. Amazon may also be interested in buying the gaming company, especially as they’ve been struggling to build their own gaming empire in recent years.

Any purchase of Electronic Arts is probably a long way off, as there are still a lot of details that would need to be worked out. Expect to hear this story pushed through the news cycle repeatedly before any confirmation actually occurs.

What This Means for EA Games

A purchase or a merger would be a huge deal for Electronic Arts. It would probably mean more stability for them, but it could also mean that’s some of their development houses or game franchises would be left behind. Whoever buys them may not be interested in continuing all of the franchises that Electronic Arts has kept going.

A purchase could also mean that some of the neglected franchises in the EA stable could be brought back to life. A buyer might have interest in reviving some of the franchises that have not done so well in the past or that haven’t seen a release in a long time.

As with most of these major gaming mergers, huge changes and shakeups in the company aren’t likely to happen overnight. The buyer will have to take time to look at the company and its slate of games and how those work with its current business plan It can take months or even years for the merger to fully take effect, so people who are interested in more recently announced Electronic Arts games shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

It’s worth noting that when Disney bought Lucasarts, they canceled games that were already in development. This could happen with EA, but it’s hard to say at this point, and that will partly depend on who buys the company. EA currently has several high- profile games in development, including a Dead Space remake, new entries in the Need for Speed ​​and Grid franchises, another Dragon Age, a new Mass Effect game, a couple of Star wars games, and several others.